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Blogging with Honor and Grace!

Yep. Just what the world needs now - another blog.

Well, I have a few reasons, and I wouldn't start writing a bunch of stuff without some very good reasons (although I may be a bit biased/ or at least, I think they're good). My primary goal here is to be an educational source which helps people think differently, and I hope more clearly, about money and investment topics. I see, read, and hear a lot of stuff that either doesn't do a very good job of covering the "gray" area or leaves people with the impression that something is "gospel" when in my opinion it's far from it.

So, without further ado, here are my reasons for writing. You can be the judge of whether they're good.

The world is a little too stressed out.
In my 15 years as a financial advisor, I've come to realize how difficult it is for a lot of people to make financial decisions with a lot of confidence. There are numerous reasons for this stress, and we'll be talking about those reasons. If I can help people sleep a little better at night and feel a little more confident with their finances, I'll consider that a job well done.

Funny Money.
I know money is a serious issue, but if you agree with me that the world is a little too stressed out, you'll likely also agree that most everything you watch or read regarding money is pretty freaking boring. One of my goals with this blog is to make my readers smile at some form of intentional humor at least once every blog. If the intentional humor doesn't make you smile, you're welcome to get your fix with the unintentional stuff. I'm sure there will be plenty.

So what does Cohonesto mean? Cohonesto is a Latin word meaning "to do with honor and grace." I had the name in mind years before starting Cohonesto because I thought my industry, and our world, could use a little more honor and grace. I've also seen one definition saying it means "to prevent baldness" (not kidding - look it up) so we've got that going for us even though all we do here is use an occasional hair product or two. Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no hair tips forthcoming.

Show me the Money!
I graduated college with a journalism degree but promptly left the field after less than a year working at a radio station when I realized I could make more at my local Blockbuster video store. I'm sure my late grandfather would like to know if I "ever amounted to a hill of beans" since he paid for a healthy portion of my college. When I was much younger, I also aspired to move to LA and become a screenwriter for movies and TV. I know that a well-done blog is about as far from winning a Pulitzer or an Oscar for best screenplay as a Kardashian is from a convent. But hey - I'm happy with my current lot in life, and I'm creating something!

So what's up dude?
Why are you really writing a blog? Ok. The reasons above do apply, but the primary reason is that I've been a financial advisor for over 15 years, and I find myself frustrated on almost a daily basis with the misinformation and misperceptions. Also, the majority of my communication with clients and prospective clients is done face-to-face. I think this blog will be a great place to get these conversations "on the record."

Oh no you didn't!
So this is the last little blurb designed to generate reader interest. One of my other goals with this blog will be to include at least one musical reference or movie quote. Hat's off to both Burt Bacharach (1965) and Cracker (1992) for giving us "What the World Needs Now"! I take requests so feel free to shoot me an email with movies or songs you think are in need of a good reference.

Until next time - Stay healthy my friends!

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